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Frog ClaSh – Privacy Policy

Frog ClaSh – Privacy Policy

Till & Michaela Maginot (“T&M Maginot”) are the developers of the game Frog Clash. Frog Clash was developed in Germany. All intellectual property rights are owned by T&M Maginot.

T&M Maginot respects your privacy rights and recognizes the importance of protecting any information collected about you. This Privacy Policy defines how T&M Maginot collects and uses personal and non-personal information from Frog Clash and any other games under the Frog Clash brand, including but not limited to Frog Clash HD (“Frog Clash”).

BY INSTALLING, USING OR OTHERWISE ACCESSING FROG CLASH, YOU AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY, PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL, USE OR OTHERWISE ACCESS FROG CLASH. T&M Maginot reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at reasonable times, so please review it frequently. If T&M Maginot makes significant changes to this Privacy Policy, T&M Maginot will notify you by means of a notice on Frog Clash or on Your continued use of Frog Clash will signify your acceptance of the changes to this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data:

T&M Maginot does not collect or use any personal data that may be used to identify or contact you. T&M Maginot does not collect or use names, email addresses, photos, telephone numbers, credit cards numbers, account numbers or other information that would enable T&M Maginot to identify you.

Non-personal data:

T&M Maginot may collect non-personal data that does not enable T&M Maginot to identify you. The data will only be collected and send to T&M Maginot if you are online and reached the level summary screen after finishing a level of Frog Clash.
The non-personal data T&M Maginot may collect and use are the following:

(i) The played level, (ii) points you collected in this level, (iii) score you gained in this level, (iv) number of remaining frogs, (v) all achievements you have collected from the last game reset, (vi) stars you gained in this level, (vii) how long it took you to finish this level, (viii) the time and date when you finished this level, (ix) are you playing the HD and/or LITE version of Frog Clash, (x) are the game files modified, (xi) the screen resolution of your device, (xii) the version of the game you are playing, (xiii) the game speed you have chosen.

T&M Maginot may use the collected data for purposes of analysing usage of Frog Clash, managing and providing Frog Clash and to further develop T&M Maginot’s services and products.

Data Retention:

T&M Maginot stores the above mentioned information for 12 months. After that time the information will be deleted by T&M Maginot if no longer needed for purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

Third Party Terms and Conditions:

Please note that your access to and the ability to play Frog Clash may be subject to certain third party terms and conditions and privacy policies, including but not limited to application stores, mobile software platforms, on-line gaming platforms and payment providers. You recognize and agree that T&M Maginot is not liable for any such third party terms and conditions and their use of your personal data.

Links to Third Party Sites or Games:

T&M Maginot may provide you with links to third party sites or games. For those sites and games apply separate and independent privacy policies. Therefore T&M Maginot is not responsible or accountable for any actions, activities or data collection connected with these sites or games.


Frog ClaSh

Copyright © 2011 Till and Michaela Maginot. All rights reserved.

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